Ozone Bird Deterrent System

Ozone Bird Control

Still relatively new to the Australian market, the system was developed in New Zealand and has been operating to great effect in that country for well over 8 years.

The system facilitates a raised, metered and monitored ozone level, to the area where it is installed. Ozone is a natural product found in our atmosphere. The system ensures the levels of ozone produced are safe for humans. At the designated level, it makes the area unsavoury for birds of all species and guarantees that they will not remain in the area, yet ensures the area remains safe for humans.

How does it work?

Birds’ respiratory systems are very different to ours, and their air sacks are extremely vascular. The smallest change to the atmospheric conditions, restricts their breathing, making the area uninhabitable for them.

This system has numerous other features and benefits also:

  • Dust Suppression
  • Odour Reduction
  • Ozone is a natural biocide that sterilizes everything it comes into contact with. Further, when the ozone is depleted, it reverts back to oxygen.

The system has inbuilt monitoring devices that check its performance, every 3 seconds, and it can also be configured to operate wirelessly.

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