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Solving your bird control issues in commercial, industrial and domestic situations.

Do you require assistance with bird control?

Solutions Delivered highly trained pest bird specialists offer a timely response and range of services to address your bird control concerns.

We cover all of Melbourne and Regional Victoria, subject to COVID constraints.

Why are birds considered a problem?

Property Damage

Birds can cause a considerable amount of damage to a buildings structure and equipment. Nests can block gutters and downpipes which cause internal water ingress issues. Bird droppings are highly acidic which can burn into paintwork surfaces and erode building materials.

Health and Safety

Bird droppings are unsightly and produce a foul smell but also present as a significant slip hazard, causing serious injury. The biggest risk to humans is that birds can spread and transmit diseases to humans.

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Bird control services and deterrent devices

Bird control services and devices:

  • Netting
  • Ozone Bird Deterrent System
  • Bird Shock Flex Track
  • Laser Bird Deterrent Devices
  • Electronic Sonic Deterrents
  • Bird Scarers and Bird Spikes

These services can be tailored to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Our Technicians are highly trained, adhere to the highest OH&S standards and are issued with, and use all required P.P.E.

Solutions Delivered

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