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Bird Shock Flex Track

Bird Shock Flex Track is a deterrent system which releases low level electrical pulses to deter problem birds from roosting and nesting. This is quite uncomfortable for the birds and encourages them to promptly move to more inviting buildings.

The ‘Bird Shock’ track is powered by a small 12 Volt Solar Panel and the shock track itself has a silicone base which is then adhered to the building surface.

It is available in an array of colourIt is available in an array of colours and suitable for all pest bird species.

Electronic Sonic Deterrents

Super Bird Xpeller Pro

A sonic bird repeller emits naturally recorded bird distress calls, and predator cries that frighten, confuse and disorient pest birds within the effective range (up to 6 acres). This sonic bird control unit is safe, humane and effective.

Bird Deterrents, Scarers and Spikes

Bird spikes prevent birds from landing and nesting on the surface they are installed in.

Netting Solutions

Laser Deterrents

Ozone Bird Control

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