Laser Deterrent Devices

Hand Held

Solutions Delivered is one of the only companies in Victoria to be permitted to own and operate the High Powered, Hand Held Laser Deterrent Device. This Laser Device, is a handheld, manually operated Laser Bird Deterrent, that has been specifically designed to repel birds without harming them.

It is a convenient, effective and humane approach for driving birds away from areas where they are not wanted.

Fully Automated Laser Devices

We also are able to supply and Install a Fully Automated Laser Device, which we can program to cover specific areas, ie a Rooftop Areas, Vineyards, Public Landfill and Transfer Stations or even a Golf Course.

Once programmed, this device automatically scans the area to scare birds and keep the area free from the associated bird issues, such as droppings, disease, noise and smell.

All manner of birds are able to be deterred, including Ducks, Cockatoos, Silver Gulls, Ibis, Feral Pigeons etc, and this is done automatically, once the device has been correctly programmed.

Both of these devices are able to be used, without causing harm to the birds.

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